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Malley's Fundraiser

The Malley's Chocolate Bar Fundraiser kicked off on Saturday, July 13th.

Each box contains 36 candy bars and should be sold for $1 each.  Students will earn $0.50 for each bar sold.  For now, there is a limit of 2 boxes out at a time.  Last year FOVM sold over 11,000 candy bars so in order to help us keep better records we are requiring that when you turn in money it must have a piece of paper that has the Student name that the money is going towards and the amount of money being turned in.

We will be distributing additional boxes on every other Thursday night from 6pm-8pm at Wendy Nixdorf's house starting this Thursday, July 18th.  If you are coming to pickup please send Wendy a text  with your name, the students name and if you want 1 or 2 boxes.

Wendy's address:  10810 Penfield Ave

Cell phone:  216-224-4559

You can text her if you have any questions.

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